Fire Damage Repair

Fire always happens when we least expect it!

At Hawaiian Construction our relationships with insurance companies and our expertise in the industry make it easier for you to get back on your feet! Our software provides all the needed information to your insurance adjuster so they can easily evaluate the damage to your home or business. When fires happen, you are going to be overwhelmed. With Hawaiian Construction we will be there for you every step of the way. Providing you with quality care and services during your hard times is our top priority.

Many things happen to a home during a fire that are hard to see, unless you know what to look for. Due to this, a lot of contractors will miss something during their visit. The heat alone from a fire changes a lot in the structural framing integrity of a building. There are many metal clips and metal straps, especially in a roof system that expands and contracts. If these things are not caught and replaced, there could be more future damage from said areas down the road.

When your house has suffered a terrible fire or smoke damage

Hawaiian Construction will always be there when you need them, no matter the time or day. Even if you call after hours, our owner, Robert, will answer and make sure you are taken care of! Robert will meet with the owner on-site and survey the situation.

Whatever you need, Hawaiian Construction will see that it is taken care of for the security of your mind and your property. We will:

  • Post a guard on the property until it can be secured properly

  • Board up all windows and doorways on any fire and tree loss

  • Install a temporary door with a padlock entry

  • Get a security fence installed to secure your property

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Reclaim Your Everyday Spaces From Fire Damage

Choose us for damage restoration services in Snohomish and King Counties

When the unthinkable happens and your house becomes unlivable, Hawaiian Construction can help by restoring your property to its original condition. We provide comprehensive fire, water, and storm damage restoration services from our location in Monroe, Kirkland, Edmonds, WA, throughout Snohomish and King Counties.

We also know how difficult insurance companies can be, so we'll do all we can to get your out-of-pocket costs covered. Call our damage restoration contractors at 360-794-3370 or 206-356-5099 now to arrange for property damage restoration services.